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Jaisalmer Desert Safari

Jaisalmer Desert Safari By JTS

A very popular activity on the dunes of Thar is a camel trek. This is a more personal way to enjoy the desert flora and fauna. While you are on the highest dune, you may enjoy the glory of the setting sun. You would love to capture the breath-taking and picturesque views while going to a safari in majestic dunes of Thar Sam Sand Dunes. We recommend it highly as it would be a memory that you can share with your friends and family back home. The name Jaisalmer is an addiction in itself.
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In the Thar desert, in the northwest India, in a place where the exotism and color of the Indian cities meets the calm and hilly shape of the desert sands, the camels are moving. They do so for centuries. Their bosses have carried the goods along the Silk Road, have fed teeming populations, have walked over sands that bind cities, leaving behind the marks of the deep steps into a world of mystery and fantasy. Jaisalmet appears in the middle of the desert as a shining city of light, crowned by the unusual shape of the castle. The streets are crowded every day by the local merchants, the gypsy girls dancing in an undulating movements to the sound of a music emanating from the unusual strings and percussion instruments. Somewhere among them we can still hear the rawanhathha, a typical local guitar, with its unique sound that nowadays, only a few know how to play.

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Jeeps are perfect way transportation in Desert. In Village jeep safari, we will take you the villages & basti, where you get a chance to see the cultural life & daily life of these places. Which gives you a peep into the daily life of the famous Basti, our very own ecologists. As we move on from the bustling activity of the village to the serenity of desert, one is at times able to spot a trek of the famous Black Buck Antelope. The drive continues across the desert to the Lakhmanna, Sam village, Bhillo ki Basti & more places where a number of migratory birds come in the session of Winter, and provide a splendid view.

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The dunes seemed to move as the wind whistled over them & ruffled the sand like fingers running through a woman's thick tresses. When a 4 by 4 vehicles start bashing sand dunes it feel like we do rafting on sand and when this vehicle go downwards , this experience is 10 times more adventures than a big Roller coaster. All this was like a illusion as we sat in our 4x4 vehicles imagining a line of camels swaying past in the distance, the hot sun shimmering on the heaving sea of sand. Mirages are the easiest things to come by in the desert, inspiring wannabe painters and poets to give vent to their emotions on canvas or in words. Enjoying a spell of dune bashing in Sam sand dunes, 44 km from Jaisalmer in the midst of the Thar Desert. Five kilometres long and three kilometre wide, these dunes were the site of the first ever international-style desert safari introduced recently by the "Life In India Holiday".